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Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Naruto the Movie: Legend Of The Stone Of Gelel

The movie starts of with Shinobi of the Sand fighting against mysterious warriors with bulky armors, and who don't seem to die. The mysterious fighters soon disappear into a large warship on the ocean.
Meanwhile, Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru are on a mission of retreating a ferret and returning it to its owner However, a mysterious knight called Temujin intercepts them and they fight, causing both Temujin and Naruto to be knocked off a cliff by the massive power caused by Naruto's Rasengan and Temujin's Rising Thunder. As Shikamaru and Sakura realize what has happened to Naruto, a giant ship appears.
Naruto and Temujin are nurtured back to health by members of a caravan, which is part of a moving country, to which the pet ferret, Nerugui, belongs to.

Meanwhile, Sakura and Shikamaru split up to search for Naruto. Shikamaru spies on the fortress and finds a lab with children in capsules. Two women with similar armor to what Temujin was wearing are talking about the Gelel Stone. After watching the process, Shikamaru realizes that the soldiers are being created by placing the souls of children in different bodies.

They learned about the special mineral called the Gelel Stone, which has a tremendously strong and mysterious power. There was once a clan that could control the stone's great powers (the traveling caravan and Temujin are part of this clan), but they were destroyed because of fights for the stone. Temujin is working for his Lord, Master Haido, who has his group searching for the Stone of Gelel so that he can create a 'utopia', a world free from war and strife. But he also tells his group that sacrifices are necessary for the greater good.


When Naruto meets Haido, he at first believes him. Naruto accompanies Temujin, Kamina and Ranke to the area, where the fight between the Sand Ninjas and Haido's forces took place. During the fight, Kamina duels with Kankuro while Ranke fights Gaara. When Gaara defeats Ranke, Kamina escapes. The caravan that Naruto was saved by has been attacked as Fugai threatens Kahiko for the location of the Stones of Gelel. Shikamaru and Sakura end up repelling her.

Temujin learns that Kahiko knows where the Stone of Gelel is hidden. When he tries to capture Kahiko, he is subdued by Shikamaru's shadow possession jutsu as Naruto catches up. Shikamaru interrogates Temujin about Haido's plot. After Shikamaru manages to get some answers, Temujin uses a smokescreen and kidnaps Kahiko and one of the children from the caravan. Temujin forces Kahiko to lead him to a cave where the stones are sealed away. Naruto follows him to try to stop him with Nerugui leading the way. Temujin sends the kid he abducted on his way as he has Kahiko lead him into the cave. But Haido, Fugai, and Kamina also follow him to the cave. This leads to a confrontation between Haido and Naruto's group as Naruto finally realizes Haido's evil intentions. He is disgusted that Haido and his followers are willing to sacrifice their friends and other innocents for their cause. He angrily yells that dreams that sacrificing friends are nothing but garbage, surprising Temujin. Kahiko triggers a mechanism that takes himself and Temujin to the chamber below, where the entrance to the mines of Gelel are, with the intent to destroy them. Haido angrily follows with several armed soldiers after smacking Naruto aside. Kamina challenges Shikamaru, and Sakura challenges Fugai before the latter can follow Haido with the ship. Naruto follows after Kahiko, Temujin and Haido.

Once there, Haido reveals that he has a fragment of the mighty Gelel stone which he uses to attack Kahiko. Eventually Temujin, surprised by Haido's cruel words and behavior, defends Kahiko, which angers Haido. Eventually Naruto shows up and saves Kahiko. Temujin is finally so appalled by Haido's willingness to kill Naruto and Kahiko and call it a "noble sacrifice" that he refuses to kill them when Haido orders him to. He realizes that the shadowy figure he had seen in the ruins of his house after his parents' death was Haido. Haido then admits that he was the one who killed Temujin's family and then used their son like a pawn for all those years. He then attacks Temujin and destroys his piece of Gelel Stone by shoving his hand into his body, tossing him aside and leaving him lying on the ground, weak and horrified by what he has done.
At this point Naruto intervenes and attacks Haido, hitting him with his Rasengan, which blasts him into the ceiling. But it starts to leak chakra from the Mines of Gelel and heal Haido's wounds. Haido then shoots a blast of pure chakra energy at Naruto and Temujin which is blocked by some soldiers who were Temujin's old friends. Naruto then creates a Rasengan in one hand, and Temujin makes one in the other, which combined kill Haido.
Haido crashes into the key to the mines of Gelel which causes a chain reaction which begins to destroy the surrounding area. Kahiko says the only way to stop the destruction is to summon a space-time rift to destroy the mines of Gelel and the summoner. Temujin offers to do it and begins to walk towards a summoning spot, ignoring Naruto's words. When the space time rift is summoned, Naruto pulls Temujin out and saves him. Naruto was thinking about what happened to Sasuke and did not want history to repeat itself. After the Mines of Gelel got sucked into the space-time rift, a fraction of the energy leaked out and restore the entire area back to life. The children that were captured were also reawakened by it, giving them a new life. In the end, Temujin and the rescued children board a ship and sailed to a new world were Temujin could continue his dream of a world without conflict.
My rating on 5: 3.5
All in all a good movie!!!