Saturday, 30 April 2016

I'm Back

I'm Back!

Hey peeps!! I'm finally back from my vacay!  Hope you guys missed me! So I will be back posting  lot, everyday, so enjoy! Next post coming up soon, so stay tuned!

Sunday, 24 April 2016



Hey Peeps !! I'm going on vacation for about a week, so sorry if  I don't post often !! In the mean time enjoy my previous posts !! I'll be back in a flash 😎

Naruto Memes

Naruto Memes

So guys I was bored and I thought of posting some Naruto memes that I found to be quite funny! Hope you have a good laugh looking at these!
    What even is this!!?? I mean.....LOL
   To all the anime haters out there....
  Whoever made this...what were you thinking!!!!
   Hilarious AND adorable!!!!
  Its actually pretty damn true.....LEL

Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake

Okay Kakashi Hatake is right up there with my favorite characters from Naruto.
The Copy Cat Ninja, Kakashi of the leaf, is one of the coolest and most chilled out characters I have read about in my LIFE. With his left eye Sharingan, given to him by Obito, his lightning jutsus reach new levels, and are PRETTY DAMN COOL.
The Sensei of Team 7, he is most often seen reading a pervy book, Icha Icha, written by the pervy sage, Jiraiya, himself. Starting out, he underestimates his team, reading the book while training with them! (That's not the case later though)
Kakashi was brilliant when he was young, joining the ANBU at a young age, after losing both his team mates. Kakashi was cold after this loss, which made him do well in the ANBU, of which he soon became captain.
The Third Hokage has faith in Kakashi to become a senior Jonin, and lead a three man squad, making him Sensei of Team 7.
Kakashi faced a lot of losses in his life, but learned from all of them. the most important lesson of all being team work, which he learned from Obito
P.S: Kakashi is very much hot and very much single. The fan fiction and fan art I am about to post will absolutely KILL you
*Hotness alert. Might burn you

Friday, 22 April 2016

Itachi, The True Hero

Itachi, The True Hero

Itachi Uchiha. Enough said.
Graduated at age 7, entered ANBU at age 11, the prodigy of the Uchiha Clan, Itachi Uchiha is a legendary character in Naruto. His eyes so powerful that nothing could stand before it.
From a very young age he trained hard, alongside his bet friend Shisui Uchiha. He topped his class. He studied hard, getting to know past and resent of Konoha, and his love for the village was strong......stronger than his love for the Uchiha clan.
When an Uchiha coup threatened to start another Shinobi war, elders of Konoha turned towards Itachi to end the coup, and he did so by killing each member of the Uchiha Clan. Well, except Sasuke.
He shared the burden with Shisui, and ultimately after obtaining one of Shisui's eyes, as the other one was stolen from him by Danzo, Itachi was so angered by Shisui's death that he awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan.


Sasuke lives his life seeking revenge on Itachi, and he does come before him when he has the 'same eyes', and an epic battle goes down. And how it ends!? Like this......


 "Maybe next time, Sasuke" 
                                                  "Sorry Sasuke, this is the last time"
But, thankfully, its not the last time the Uchiha brothers meet. When Itachi is reanimated by Kabuto, they fight side by side to end the reanimation, and help the United Shinobi Army in the battle. Well, though it was an epic battle and I absolutely loved it, the ending was my favorite part. Why you ask me!? Well, this happened........
Fairytale ending right!?
P.S: Shout out to my awesome big brother. Love ya loads!! As good as Itachi any day!!

Kakashi, Yamato and Naruto

Yamato, Naruto and Kakashi

Ok so I love how close Naruto is to both Kakashi and Yamato, especially the training episode where Naruto is learning how to control his chakra.
Kakashi and Yamato both have a background in ANBU, an there are A LOT of fan fiction pictures I wanna post here ( the pics don't belong to me )
First of, Naruto and Kakashi are so close after Sasuke leaves, it melts my heart. I kinda feel that Kakashi feels responsible for Naruto's training after Jiraiya's death, being his sensei and all.
Its also cute how Yamato becomes so close to Naruto in no time, and helps out Kakashi SO MUCH. I think the three of them could totally make like a small family.......WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!??
Anyway....some fan fiction for you peeps!!

Kakashi and Obito

Kakashi And Obito

Just like the NaruSasu bromance, Kakashi and Obito started out as rivals, Obito always trying to keep up. When Rin begins to look at Kakashi with awe, Obito vows to become stronger, to impress her, as he loves her. So a woman almost comes between their friendship.......ALMOST.

Once when on a mission, Rin gets kidnapped, and the two of them set out to save her. In the process though, Kakashi loses his left eye in a fight. They overcome that enemy, but are almost blind sided by another. This is when Obito, Obito Uchiha, unlocks his sharingan and saves his comrade.


The two find Rin and rescue her, but while escaping a huge landslide starts. Kakashi finds himself about to get crushed by a huge boulder, but Obito throws him out of the way and gets crushed instead. With only his right side crushed, Obito gives Kakashi a parting gift, his left eye sharingan to replace Kakashi's lost eye.


Obito is actually rescued by Madara and nurtured by him, growing his hate for Kakashi because he killed Rin.
Kakashi and Obito meet again, in the Third Shinobi War, where Obito is sided with Madara, trying to capture all Shinobi in the Infinite Tsukiyomi.
Obito however, after talking to Naruto and after a lot of fighting and destruction, is able to help Kakashi one last time fighting alongside him.


Great scenes huh?


                              Naruto 687 - Page 1

Well now for some Fan Fiction and Fan Art that may be inappropriate, but what the hell! everybody likes a good bromance! Kinda cute!!

I think they are REALLY cute 😍😍. What do you reckon!?


Thursday, 21 April 2016

Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto And Sasuke

So the first one HAS TO be Naruto and Sasuke. So these kinds of things always start of with a rivalry, like ALWAYS.
"Love always starts with Hatred"
So yeah, what the quote says! in their academy days, Sasuke was always showing up Naruto, their rivalry growing stronger and stronger. When they end up on Team 7, Kakashi tries to teach them team work, yes TRIES. But we see the first glimpse of this budding friendship when Sasuke offers Naruto some of his food, when he was told not to by Kakashi.
This though is what Kakashi was looking for, terming it team work and passing them all.
One of my favorite scenes is the battle on the bridge, when Team 7 is on a mission. Naruto and Sasuke trapped by Haku's jutsu, they protect each other and ultimately Naruto beats Haku.
when Sasuke runs from the village seeking Orochimaru and revenge on Itachi, Naruto promises Sakura that he will get stronger and get Sasuke back. They meet a couple of times but Naruto is never successful in bringing him back.
Ah! But that being said, Sasuke and Naruto finally do reunite, only to fight side by side to save the shinobi world.
I have a few special mentions as well! And........Naruto's and Sasuke's KISS is one of them. Yes, KISS. It was an accident though......or maybe it wasn't 😂😂
Well that's all for NaruSasu......yes that's a ship name.....Hope this made you fall in love with these two! 😄😉😍



So today I will be posting about all my favorite Bromances! Every show has at least one pair of guys that are way more than Best Friends, but can never be more. Well enjoy my posts, have a bit of a laugh at the Fan Fiction and fall in love these ' Just Friends ' ! 😜😍

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Indra And Ashura

Indra And Ashura

Naruto and Sasuke, both on the verge of death, meet the Sage of  Six Paths, Hagoromo, and learn that they are the reincarnations of his two children

                          Naruto 691 - Page 1
On one hand there was the excellent, superior older brother, Indra, who had amazing visual prowess and inherited the strong genes of the Sage, and on the other there was the younger brother Ashura, who possessed no natural talent and lived in the shadow of his elder brother. However, Ashura found
strength enough to match his brother's by cooperating with the people around him. The Sage saw the
perfect heir in Ashura, and passed on the Ten Tails to him.

This angered Indra, strengthening the rivalry between the brothers, and the strong rivalry between the two never died, literally.

Indra, being the ancestor of the Uchiha Clan, was reincarnated first through Madara Uchiha, and then in the form of Sasuke Uchiha himself.

Hashirama Senju opposed Madara, being the reincarnation of Ashura, after which Naruto was the
next form that Ashura took.


The stories of Madara and Hashirama and Naruto and Sasuke are very similar. They each play the friend and also the rival for each other, punching the other to limits and strengthening each other mentally and physically. Though not born brothers, they indirectly are, linking these friends cum rivals even more.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

I Believe In You Naruto Uzumaki

"I Believe In You, Naruto Uzumaki"

                                                                               - Nagato


It always amazed me, and continues to amaze me, how Naruto is able to relate with the pasts of so many different shinobi. Both Nagato and Naruto, being students of Pervy Sage and having similar backgrounds, it wasn't surprising that Nagato came to believe in Naruto, and entrusted him the duty of attaining world peace. Though they never saw eye to eye, the sibling students did what they did fo their legendary master Jiraiya. 
When I watched the Obito episode, though I knew that Naruto HAD TO talk Obito out of his state of mind, it still amazed me how just the single goal of becoming Hokage could unite these two shinobi. They also had similar backgrounds, of course, and I figure that the love Obito felt for his former comrades was bound to overcome his hatred of the shinobi world. All in all, I guess Naruto has the skills, the words AND the looks  😍😊.