Wednesday, 1 June 2016

(Video Edit) Naruto and Gaara

Naruto and Gaara

Sorry I haven't posted for some time guys!!! Was very busy with my college admissions and stuff.....ANYWAY.
The latest video edit I made is about Naruto and Gaara!! They both went through similar childhoods, being feared and ignored, because of the beasts sealed inside them.
Gaara, being the Jinchuriki of Shukaku, was looked down upon by the entire Village of the Sand. The ultimate defense the beast provided actually made life tougher for Gaara. He gave up on life and love, and lived emotionless, that is until he faced Naruto during the Chuunin Exams.
Seeing Naruto fight with so much dedication and compassion towards Sasuke and Sakura, he learnt the true meaning of a friend, or a companion, from Naruto. He changed his point of view, and from then on Gaara didn't consider himself alone in this world.
If you didn't know, the meaning of the symbol on Gaara's forehead means Love.
Throughout the series we see the friendship between Gaara and Naruto become stronger and stronger, and Konoha and the Village of the sand become allies after Gaara becomes the fifth Kazekage.
Gaara is yet another person who Naruto could understand and communicate with, awakening their inner selves. Or something like that!!! All in all their friendship, and what it builds to, is amazing, and I would rate it one of the best f the series!!!
Enjoy the edit and my post!!! Bye Narutards !!! Will post more soon!!