Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Episode 469

Episode 469


A little late I know, but posting anyway !!

I have run out of words. I just have one thing to say. I CANNOT handle Kakashi Hatake anymore. What was Masashi Kishimoto thinking !!! I just died watching the episode and cannot wait for the next. Firstly, revealing his face like that......I died like three different times !! It's everything I imagined, and just like all the fan art I have seen BUT fabulous anyway.


But now, I hafto mention the thing that caught my attention even more. THE SHIRTLESS SCENE. Like holy I don't even know what but that scene contributed to 70% of me liking that episode.Correction, LOVING !!! Kakashi is so hot and cute and smart and loving and everything all at once I don't even know how it is physically possible, EVEN in the anime world.


Look at him. JUST LOOK. And know that you can't have him !! Kakashi is single and not ready to mingle cause he is waiting for me !!! Let's just leave it at that shall we !? I shall post more soon ok !?