Wednesday, 17 August 2016



OK so I have totally been marathoning a lot of anime and I'm LOVING IT !!! Naruto is still and always will be my all time fav but I love reading new story lines and I'm ready to try new stuff !! I loved loved loved Owari No Seraph (MikaYuu is adorable and one of my favorite ships !!). I watched Attack on Titan and loved that as well (cannot wait for season 2 though, it's gonna take forever). I'm currently watching Haikyuu!! and I'm already hooked on to it's got me all excited about the olympics !!! All the characters are really good in the show though ! Apart from these Death Note, One Punch Man, Noragami and many more......and all are so good in their own ways !!!
I will try to post some awesome fanfic pics later on so watch my space !!!
Love you all, have a nice day/night ❤️