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Indra And Ashura

Indra And Ashura

Naruto and Sasuke, both on the verge of death, meet the Sage of  Six Paths, Hagoromo, and learn that they are the reincarnations of his two children

                          Naruto 691 - Page 1
On one hand there was the excellent, superior older brother, Indra, who had amazing visual prowess and inherited the strong genes of the Sage, and on the other there was the younger brother Ashura, who possessed no natural talent and lived in the shadow of his elder brother. However, Ashura found
strength enough to match his brother's by cooperating with the people around him. The Sage saw the
perfect heir in Ashura, and passed on the Ten Tails to him.

This angered Indra, strengthening the rivalry between the brothers, and the strong rivalry between the two never died, literally.

Indra, being the ancestor of the Uchiha Clan, was reincarnated first through Madara Uchiha, and then in the form of Sasuke Uchiha himself.

Hashirama Senju opposed Madara, being the reincarnation of Ashura, after which Naruto was the
next form that Ashura took.


The stories of Madara and Hashirama and Naruto and Sasuke are very similar. They each play the friend and also the rival for each other, punching the other to limits and strengthening each other mentally and physically. Though not born brothers, they indirectly are, linking these friends cum rivals even more.