Thursday, 21 April 2016

Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto And Sasuke

So the first one HAS TO be Naruto and Sasuke. So these kinds of things always start of with a rivalry, like ALWAYS.
"Love always starts with Hatred"
So yeah, what the quote says! in their academy days, Sasuke was always showing up Naruto, their rivalry growing stronger and stronger. When they end up on Team 7, Kakashi tries to teach them team work, yes TRIES. But we see the first glimpse of this budding friendship when Sasuke offers Naruto some of his food, when he was told not to by Kakashi.
This though is what Kakashi was looking for, terming it team work and passing them all.
One of my favorite scenes is the battle on the bridge, when Team 7 is on a mission. Naruto and Sasuke trapped by Haku's jutsu, they protect each other and ultimately Naruto beats Haku.
when Sasuke runs from the village seeking Orochimaru and revenge on Itachi, Naruto promises Sakura that he will get stronger and get Sasuke back. They meet a couple of times but Naruto is never successful in bringing him back.
Ah! But that being said, Sasuke and Naruto finally do reunite, only to fight side by side to save the shinobi world.
I have a few special mentions as well! And........Naruto's and Sasuke's KISS is one of them. Yes, KISS. It was an accident though......or maybe it wasn't 😂😂
Well that's all for NaruSasu......yes that's a ship name.....Hope this made you fall in love with these two! 😄😉😍