Tuesday, 19 April 2016

I Believe In You Naruto Uzumaki

"I Believe In You, Naruto Uzumaki"

                                                                               - Nagato


It always amazed me, and continues to amaze me, how Naruto is able to relate with the pasts of so many different shinobi. Both Nagato and Naruto, being students of Pervy Sage and having similar backgrounds, it wasn't surprising that Nagato came to believe in Naruto, and entrusted him the duty of attaining world peace. Though they never saw eye to eye, the sibling students did what they did fo their legendary master Jiraiya. 
When I watched the Obito episode, though I knew that Naruto HAD TO talk Obito out of his state of mind, it still amazed me how just the single goal of becoming Hokage could unite these two shinobi. They also had similar backgrounds, of course, and I figure that the love Obito felt for his former comrades was bound to overcome his hatred of the shinobi world. All in all, I guess Naruto has the skills, the words AND the looks  😍😊.