Friday, 22 April 2016

Kakashi and Obito

Kakashi And Obito

Just like the NaruSasu bromance, Kakashi and Obito started out as rivals, Obito always trying to keep up. When Rin begins to look at Kakashi with awe, Obito vows to become stronger, to impress her, as he loves her. So a woman almost comes between their friendship.......ALMOST.

Once when on a mission, Rin gets kidnapped, and the two of them set out to save her. In the process though, Kakashi loses his left eye in a fight. They overcome that enemy, but are almost blind sided by another. This is when Obito, Obito Uchiha, unlocks his sharingan and saves his comrade.


The two find Rin and rescue her, but while escaping a huge landslide starts. Kakashi finds himself about to get crushed by a huge boulder, but Obito throws him out of the way and gets crushed instead. With only his right side crushed, Obito gives Kakashi a parting gift, his left eye sharingan to replace Kakashi's lost eye.


Obito is actually rescued by Madara and nurtured by him, growing his hate for Kakashi because he killed Rin.
Kakashi and Obito meet again, in the Third Shinobi War, where Obito is sided with Madara, trying to capture all Shinobi in the Infinite Tsukiyomi.
Obito however, after talking to Naruto and after a lot of fighting and destruction, is able to help Kakashi one last time fighting alongside him.


Great scenes huh?


                              Naruto 687 - Page 1

Well now for some Fan Fiction and Fan Art that may be inappropriate, but what the hell! everybody likes a good bromance! Kinda cute!!

I think they are REALLY cute 😍😍. What do you reckon!?