Friday, 22 April 2016

Itachi, The True Hero

Itachi, The True Hero

Itachi Uchiha. Enough said.
Graduated at age 7, entered ANBU at age 11, the prodigy of the Uchiha Clan, Itachi Uchiha is a legendary character in Naruto. His eyes so powerful that nothing could stand before it.
From a very young age he trained hard, alongside his bet friend Shisui Uchiha. He topped his class. He studied hard, getting to know past and resent of Konoha, and his love for the village was strong......stronger than his love for the Uchiha clan.
When an Uchiha coup threatened to start another Shinobi war, elders of Konoha turned towards Itachi to end the coup, and he did so by killing each member of the Uchiha Clan. Well, except Sasuke.
He shared the burden with Shisui, and ultimately after obtaining one of Shisui's eyes, as the other one was stolen from him by Danzo, Itachi was so angered by Shisui's death that he awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan.


Sasuke lives his life seeking revenge on Itachi, and he does come before him when he has the 'same eyes', and an epic battle goes down. And how it ends!? Like this......


 "Maybe next time, Sasuke" 
                                                  "Sorry Sasuke, this is the last time"
But, thankfully, its not the last time the Uchiha brothers meet. When Itachi is reanimated by Kabuto, they fight side by side to end the reanimation, and help the United Shinobi Army in the battle. Well, though it was an epic battle and I absolutely loved it, the ending was my favorite part. Why you ask me!? Well, this happened........
Fairytale ending right!?
P.S: Shout out to my awesome big brother. Love ya loads!! As good as Itachi any day!!