Friday, 22 April 2016

Kakashi, Yamato and Naruto

Yamato, Naruto and Kakashi

Ok so I love how close Naruto is to both Kakashi and Yamato, especially the training episode where Naruto is learning how to control his chakra.
Kakashi and Yamato both have a background in ANBU, an there are A LOT of fan fiction pictures I wanna post here ( the pics don't belong to me )
First of, Naruto and Kakashi are so close after Sasuke leaves, it melts my heart. I kinda feel that Kakashi feels responsible for Naruto's training after Jiraiya's death, being his sensei and all.
Its also cute how Yamato becomes so close to Naruto in no time, and helps out Kakashi SO MUCH. I think the three of them could totally make like a small family.......WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!??
Anyway....some fan fiction for you peeps!!